Interaction and user experience designer for the new exclusive video app for celebrities
UX Consultant at Cloud District
Product Design · User Experience · Interaction Design

Bethey is an app created for monetizing exclusive videos from celebrities that followers can view buying credits. Just some chosen celebrities are allowed to upload their clips to profit their content, and the platform offers them the option to directly donate a percentage of their revenue to an NGO.

Great content creators such as Willyrex, xBuyer and ericruiiz, Lidia San José, Guillermo Carrecedo or Telma Cester are some of the famous figures that have published in Bethey.

Bethey logo

The challenge

The objective was to design the first version of the app based on some wireframes and prototypes that they had from a previous external company and with whom they had tested the concept and the business idea.

The first thing was to make an architecture of the functions that the app would have to develop the user flows and clarify which things the celebrity could have access to, unlike the normal user.

Interaction touches

A crucial thing was to take the potential of touch gestures to create simple interactions that could perform important actions and to investigate ways to execute more of them. For example, in order to unlock a video, the user has to swipe right instead of touching to prevent the user from purchasing unwanted videos while scrolling. 

It was also key to avoid too much navigation depth to make it easier to know where things are. The app was thought to have no more than three levels to complete every task. We wanted to ease the user flow, so in a few taps you could be where you wanted.

Bethey app screenshot

A great experience

The Bethey team was amazingly happy with the work and ideation put into the product. I delivered at the end to the stakeholders a fully functional prototype of the app with all the interactions. Then, they created the brand and developed the app, launched in 2020. 

Bethey allowed me to work on an app that needed a lot of investigation and testing of the interactions and user flows, and in the end, it was a success. 

Unfortunately, my design work with Bethey can’t be shared in public, but you can download the app in the App Store and Google Play to see some of my ideas. Contact me if you want to know more about the design process.

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