Compass Group

Building internal applications for one of the biggest food providers in the world
UX Consultant at Cloud District
Product Design · User Experience · Design Systems · Research · Branding

Compass Group is a leading multinational company in the food service sector with brands such as Eurest, Scolarest and Medirest.

About my job

They have numerous internal applications to manage different parts of the business and I worked with them to provide my experience in design services in order to help them improve the overall user experience, to build new tools for the employees and to rethink some of their products.

The technical team at Cloud District was crucial to shaping the best solutions for the client.

Compass Group screenshots

Design work

I was able to prototype every interaction, to create design systems for each application, do some branding work and to conduct some research with a lot of fieldwork in some Eurest facilities to know what the daily routine of the employees was and to test with them the solutions to have their opinions. 

Sadly, my work with Compass Group can’t be shared in public. Contact me if you want to know more about the design process.

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