Creating the first daily sports newsletter in Spain and all the brand
2018 – 2020
Product Management · Product Strategy · No-code integrations

Deporfy was a personal project launched in 2018. It was the first newsletter in Spain with the latest sports news and the television sports agenda of the day.

The objective was to elevate the important news and filter all the news that were not related to sports. I wanted to give to the subscribers information, not opinions, rumors or junk news.

Deporfy website screenshot

The project

The website has been created using Carrd connected to the database with the Mailchimp form integration. I wrote every edition and made the design of the newsletter. The latest branding was created for a relaunch that will never come out in 2020.

Branding creation

I wanted the brand to be perceived as something modern, different and new, in contrast with the typical red used by sports media brands in Spain.

In the brand creation the inspiration came from the unnatural colors that we could find in modern kits or courts. The blue and yellow combination was an interesting accent that made it stand out.

For the typography, I looked for one that inspired movement and speed, and I finally selected Chaney, made by atipo, because it was also perfect for making a unique logo.

Deporfy newsletter screenshots

In the end

I abandoned the project because I was accepted to study at l'école 42 in Paris and I had no more time to dedicate. I tried to recover the project in 2020 but, finally, it was not possible.

Deporfy allowed me to create a product by myself. It was fantastic to connect directly with an audience that wanted a product like that. Thanks to that, I learned a lot about email marketing tools, branding and no-code integrations.

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