Haya Real Estate

Rethinking the user experience to increase coherence and conversion
UX Consultant at Cloud District
Product Design · User Experience · CRO · Design Systems · Research

Haya Real Estate wanted a user experience consultancy of their main pages and flows, a CRO analysis and also the implementation of a new SEO architecture from a previous study made by an external company.

The company aimed to later implement a redesign of the website to incorporate new branding elements into the style guide.

Haya Real Estate search screenshot

First steps

First, we shared with Haya the results of our research and the competitive analysis in order to set KPIs.

Then, it was necessary to do an audit of all the components that the entire website had to give coherence to the design and to create responsive elements of all the used components.

Haya Real Estate Mobile user flow screenshots


Applying all the research that we did, the team started tackling the main flow, understanding what components and functions were important for the user, looking at the data that we had and what new things we could include to solve some user problems that we found.

Haya Real Estate properties screenshot


I started rethinking the pages creating the new components and also prototyping all the interactions and flows to make it easier to review with stakeholders.

It was important to think about Mobile-first, because the website was thought from a Desktop resolution perspective, and it created a lot of responsive problems. That was critical because the number of visits from Mobile were more than half and the tendency, of course, was increasing.

Haya homepage website screenshot

The result

The project was a success in all aspects, because the client developed the new website with all the implementations with a new design and achieved all the objectives.

It was also for the Consultancy team at Cloud District something to celebrate, since we delivered an important work in six weeks that generated a lot of impact.

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