Founder and CEO of the publishing platform for journalists, bloggers and mass media outlets
2015 – 2018
Founder & CEO
Product Management · Product Strategy · User Experience · Branding

Reyournal was a bootstrapped platform that I created in 2015 when I was still at university studying Journalism.

I was in charge of the product vision and product strategy. I also was the stakeholder for the external development, financial and legal teams.

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The objective

The main goal was to build a simple publishing platform for journalists, bloggers and media in order to give them increased advertising revenue and facilitate them a way to publish their posts easily.

I wanted it to be a place where the media could be sustainable and fair, where their revenue was shared with the authors of the posts. Journalists could share their posts with the media in order to make their posts more visible and gain more impact. This concept allowed us to create media pages in Reyournal that just gave profits to their administrators.

In the making

In the consultancy process, we wanted the user to set up a profile in seconds and could be able to write and start receiving income for every visit in minutes. All the website was mobile-ready for the user to be able to perform every action everywhere.

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Creating with blocks

All the content creation was structured with blocks, which it's nowadays the standard of posts and pages creation. The writer could write text, add a quote, upload images and embed external content as videos or interactive graphs.

Media setup

The media creation was as simple as completing a profile. Once ready, the profile had the power to ask for posts to be included and share with their media followers. This way, the authors could benefit from the impact of having their posts published in media profiles, and the media could ask for content to obtain revenue easily.

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The company lasted until 2018 and published more than 20,000 posts. We wanted to get bigger and increase the revenue, but in the three years there was not enough. 

These years have made me mature. I learnt how the startup environment works and gave me a lot of entrepreneurship experience. Reyournal has allowed me to work on relevant projects and innovative products in the digital sector.

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